Blair Taylor joined Bowers Partnership just under a month ago working as a Recruitment Consultant specialising in Investment Management. I caught up with him to find out a bit more about what he enjoys doing, both inside and outside of work.


So, Blair, we know that you are an experienced recruiter and you must have had multiple offers from other agencies, but what made you want to work here at Bowers Partnership?

"The biggest appeal came from the lack of nonsensical KPI’s that bog our industry down."

"Having no KPI’s means I can relax and really focus on delivering the best service I can to both client and candidates."

"Due to the heavy sales set-ups within other agencies, most other agents are primarily focussed on hitting KPI’s rather than building solid relationships."

"Also, being part of a smaller business has an added ‘family’ feeling, as opposed to the feeling of a cog in a large money-making machine."


I’m interested to know what the most challenging part of being a recruitment consultant is. And how does Blair Taylor overcome this on a day-to-day basis?

"The most consistently challenging aspect is the negative stigma linked to the job title."

"No company wants to deal with over-pushy salespeople or excessive numbers of irrelevant CV’s but unfortunately, there are plenty of consultants out there who believe this to be the way recruitment works, therefore, tarring the good recruiters with their brush. This negativity is a daily challenge to overcome."

"The negativity has also been created by too many people believing that recruitment is easy, which it is definitely not."

"The way I overcome this is by communicating openly with both candidates and clients at all times and really listening to fully understand what both are looking to achieve."

"I strive to always ‘do what I say I will do’ and also ensure to let candidates know if they have been unsuccessful in securing a position so that no-one is left feeling ‘dropped’, which happens all too often."


Let’s fast forward to the future for a minute if I may. What’s the most exciting prospect from your perspective?

"Since becoming a father everything is centred on my children and creating great memories for us. That means looking forward to great holidays & experiences together and enabling them to be as well-rounded as possible."


Any hidden talents or skills that you want to share?

"I have many passions outside of work, only a lack of time to realise them all. There are 2 that jump out though, which are my passions for drawing and health & fitness."

"I have a modest following on my drawings Facebook page – which keeps me busy with commissions, and I have a background as a personal trainer which stems from a desire to self-improve."


What is it that motivates you to be successful?

"My young family. I have 2 children (aged 2 and 4) and they keep me focussed and driven to provide the best that I can."


What top tips would give to your younger self?

"Other than winning lottery numbers and racing tips it would be the cheesy cliché of relaxing and ‘enjoying the journey’. I know lots of people, myself included that put too much pressure on themselves to “progress” in life. Always looking ahead can leave you living in a constant state of anxiety but age and maturity have definitely re-aligned my priorities and left me feeling more content."


Why would candidates and clients want to work with you? What can you offer them that no one else can?

"My attitude and how I communicate differentiate me from your stereotypical recruiter. I don’t treat any aspect of what I do as sales. Who wants to be manipulated and ‘sold’ to right? Because of my adversity to sales, I don’t want anyone feeling that way when working with me so the main thing I do is listen. Obviously, I have to ask questions but these are purely to gather the information I need to understand the individual’s situation and what they are hoping to achieve (client and candidate) with the aim of finding the solution."

"As for what I can offer that no-one else can, well that also comes back to me. We’re all individual and I believe that my lack of ego means that I put others first, ultimately doing what’s best for our clients & candidates."

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