Interview with Chris Sinden - Certificate for Digital Marketing

Chris recently received his certificate for his Level 3 Digital Marketing course, so we decided to have a chat with him to see how he is getting on since passing!


Q: Firstly, congratulations Chris! How did you find the course?


A: Thanks so much! Overall, I feel the course as a whole was a huge success and found it really interesting. Throughout the 15 month period, I learned many new skills within Digital Marketing, having never worked in an office environment before, this really allowed me to gain confidence and improve my written and communication skills.


Q: What did you most enjoy about the course?


A: I really enjoyed my trips to the college in London where I was given the opportunity to learn so many aspects of Digital Marketing in a classroom environment. I found my teacher (Nolan Collins) to be very knowledgeable on every topic and I was able to implement all these new skills back at the office.


Q: How did you implement these skills for Bowers Partnership?


A: I took it upon myself to manage weekly marketing meetings with my director and line manager, where I would suggest new ideas and discuss current marketing campaigns.


Q: What does your job entail now and what are your future plans?


A: Since passing my course, I have had the privilege of being promoted to Digital Media Manager, meaning I have more responsibilities and control over all marketing aspects of the business.

My goal here at Bowers Partnership is to continuously adapt and improve marketing strategies as well as being current with our social platforms.


Amazing! It was great catching up with Chris – we look forward to seeing what more he can bring to the team!




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