How dodgy agents exploit contractors: the covid-19 tricks edition

How dodgy agents exploit contractors: the covid-19 tricks edition

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s quite a lot of frustration in the agency contractor space at present, and unfortunately whether you’re a contractor or an agent, the feeling seems increasingly mutual!

Let me break the mould by empathising with candidates and saying, from the point of view of a contractor, I can quite understand the frustration, writes Natalie Bowers, founder of niche contractor staffing firm Bowers Partnership.


What contractors have been contending with

Contractors have spent the last year or so dodging an invisible virus, wearing their spouse’s flowery face-covering because they forgot their own, avoiding human contact when the government says to avoid human contact, and adhering to ever-changing guidelines on the few covid-19 income support measures which do actually apply to them. Enough to boil anyone’s blood! And that’s before you even start to consider the impact of ghastly IR35 reform!


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