IT contractor market preview 2023: skills, rates, rivals and kissing frogs

IT contractor market preview 2023: skills, rates, rivals and kissing frogs

Which IT contractors will be very in-demand in 2023?

Cloud Data Engineers, Visualisation Developers, Data Analysts, and all things Azure.

For these four, I’m already seeing rate inflation, says financial services tech recruiter Natalie Bowers, who predicts the quartet to be ‘hot’ for contractors in 2023.


And while not all IT contractors can ‘name their price,’ the techies setting theirs rate in these sought-after niches are “heavily influencing” the market rate overall. The co-founder of Bowers Partnership also said clients who want them are having to stump up, or go without.

Niche IT skills like these will be the only tech skills to grow in 2023, then?

Highly unlikely. If you look at our December 2nd-publihsed tracker of the labour market, says the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, you’ll see that demand for IT staff actually saw a 2.2% uplift, specifically for job vacancy postings for Programmers and Software Developers (from mid-November to the end of November 2022).



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